Replacement Battery for Uniden BT-800 BP-800 BT-905

Price: US $5.98


This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible
Replaces Uniden battery part numbers: BT-800 BP-800 BT-905

Fits the following Uniden Cordless Phones:
AE-255, AE255, B1000, B300, B300A, B900, B900, BATT-3AAB, BATT3AAB, BBTY-030001, BBTY030001, BBTY-0444001, BBTY0444001, BBTY-0449001, BBTY0449001, BT-800, BT800, BP-800, BP800, BP-905, BP905, BT-905, BT905, CP-355, CP355, CXAI5198, DXAI3288-2, DXAI32882, DXAI388-2, DXAI3882, DXAI5180, DXAI5186-2, DXAI51862, DXAI5188-2, DXAI51882, DXAI5588-2, DXAI55882, DXAI7288-2, DXAI72882, DXI3268-2, DXI32682, DXI3286, DXI386-2, DXI3862, DXI4286-2, DXI42862, DXI5186-2, DXI51862, DXI5586-2, DXI55862, DXI7286-2, DXI72862, DXI7286-2HS, DXI72862HS, DXI986-2, DXI9862, EHD-1200, EHD1200, EHD1200GB, EHD1200GB, EP-200, EP200, ESX2050, EWCI936, EX-1960, EX1960, EX-2100, EX2100, EX-255, EX255, EX-3101, EX3101, EX-3102, EX3102, EX-3800, EX3800, EX-3810, EX3810, EX-4100, EX4100, EX-4101, EX4101, EX-4102, EX4102, EX-4800, EX4800, EX-8050, EX8050, EX-915, EX915, EX-925, EX925, EX-945, EX945, EX-965, EX965, EX-965, EX965, EX-A2950, EXA2950, EX-A7950, EXA7950, EX-A8955, EXA8955, EX-A915, EXA915, EX-A918, EXA918, EX-A950, EXA950, EX-AI2980, EXAI2980, EX-AI7980, EXAI7980, EX-AI918, EXAI918, EX-I1980, EXI1980, EX-I2920, EXI2920, EX-I376, EXI376, EX-I3965, EXI3965, EX-I7926, EXI7926, EX-I7950, EXI7950, EX-I7960, EXI7960, EX-I8965, EXI8965, EX-I916, EXI916, EX-I917, EXI917, EX-I960, EXI960, EX-L8900, EXL8900, EX-L8901, EXL8901, EX-L8945, EXL8945, EX-LA8962, EXLA8962, EX-LI8962, EXLI8962, EX17960, EX17960, EX1917, EXA-7980I, EXA7980I, EXA12980, EXA13248A, EXA1915, EXA1918, EXA2245, EXA2850, EXA2955, EXA3245, EXA3955, EXA6950, EXA7250, EXAI-2248, EXAI2248, EXAI-3781, EXAI3781, EXAI-790, EXAI790, EXAI-79801, EXAI79801, EXAI-9181, EXAI9181, EXAI-91B, EXAI91B, EXAI-9780, EXAI9780, EXAI-98D, EXAI98D, EXAI2246, EXAI2248i, EXAI2980HS, EXAI2980i, EXAI3248 , EXAI3248i , EXAI378, EXAI398, EXAI3985, EXAI398i, EXAI4248, EXAI5580, EXAI6980, EXAI7248, EXAI7248I, EXAI978, EXAI978i, EXAI985HS, EXI-2246, EXI2246, EXI-975, EXI975, EXI2926, EXI2926A, EXI2926HS, EXI2960, EXI2965, EXI2980, EXI3226, EXI3246, EXI3246C, EXI376A, EXI376C, EXI376CA, EXI376HS, EXI378A,
EXI4246C, EXI5160, EXI5560, EXI6960, EXI7246B, EXI7246C, EXI7246G, EXI7246P, EXI7926HS, EXI8966, EXI976, EXI976C, EXL8950, EXLA-8950, EXLA8950, EXP-2240, EXP2240, EXP-2800, EXP2800, EXP-2901, EXP2901, EXP-2903, EXP2903, EXP-7900, EXP7900, EXP-7901, EXP7901, EXP-7904, EXP7904, EXP-91, EXP91, EXP-91S, EXP91S, EXP-92, EXP92, EXP-920, EXP920, EXP-950A, EXP950A, EXP2240A, EXP2241, EXP2243, EXP2905, EXP3240A, EXP3241, EXP4240, EXP4241, EXP7240, EXP7241, EXP7420, EXP7904C, EXP7904L, EXP7904T, EXS2010, EXS2050, EXS2060, EXS2080, EXS9005, EXT1160, EXT1760, EXTAI7980, EXV990, EZI996, RXI6960, TRU241, TRU-241, TRU241, TRU-241, TRU246, TRU-246, TRU246, TRU-246, TRU248, TRU-248,
TRU248, TRU-248, TRU341, TRU-341, TRU341, TRU-341, TRU3465, TRU-3465, TRU3465, TRU-3465, TRU3466, TRU-3466, TRU3466, TRU-3466,
TRU348, TRU-348, TRU348, TRU-348, TRU3485, TRU-3485, TRU3485, TRU-3485, XE-895, XE895, XE-965, XE965, XE-985, XE985

New replacement/equivalent BT-800 BP-800 BT-905 cordless phone battery.


  • Brand: generic/equivalent
  • Condition: new, 1 year warranty!
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Dimensions: 50 x 42.3 x 15 (mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 January, 2015.

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