Replacement Gumstick Battery for Energizer ER-GUM1 NH-14WM NH-10WM

Price: US $10.98


This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible
Replaces Energizer battery model: ER-GUM1 NH-14WM NH-10WM

Fits the following Sony CD/MD walman players:
MZ-NF810CK MZ-R909 MZ-R900 MZ-R91 MZ-R90 MZ-E810SP MZ-700 MZ-E610 MZ-E520 MZ-E510 MZ-E90 MZ-E75 MZ-E70 MZ-E55 MZ-E44 MZ-E33 MZ-E35 MZ-E30 MZ-E25 MZ-E10 MZ-E7W MZ-EP11 MZ-EP10 MZ-E5 R55 R90 R900 NW-MS9 NW-MS11 MZ-N1 MZ-N10

Li-ion new replacement/equivalent ER-GUM1 NH-14WM NH-10WMM battery.


  • Brand: generic/equivalent
  • Condition: new, 1 year warranty!
  • Voltage: 1.20V
  • Capacity: 1450mAh
  • Battery Type: Ni-MH
  • Dimensions: 66.00 x 17.00 x 6.10 (mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 April, 2017.

ER-GUM1 Gumstick Battery Energizer ER-GUM1 NH-14WM NH-10WM