Ni-CD/Ni-MH 14.4V Charger for Bosch BAT038 BAT140 BAT159 BAT040 BAT041 Battery

Price: US $52.99


This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible.
Just designed to recharges Bosch BAT140 BAT159 BAT040 BAT041 BAT038 batteries.

Works for Bosch power tools:
1661, 1661K, 22614, 23614, 32614, 32614-2G, 33614, 33614-2G 3454, 3454-01, 3454SB, 34614, 35614,3660K, 3660CK,52314, 53514 AHS 41, ART 26, GDR 14.4 V, GDS 14.4 V, GHO 14.4 V, GHO 14.4VH GLI 14.4V, GSB 14.4 VE-2, GSB 14.4VE-2B, GSR 14.4 V, GSR 14.4 VE-2, GSR 14.4 VPE-2, GSR 14.4V-2B, GST 14.4 V, GWS 14.4 V, GWS 14.4V/3B, GWS 14.4VH PAG 14.4V, PDR 14.4V/N, PKS 14.4V, PSB 14.4V PSR 14.4, PSR 14.4-2, PSR 14.4VE-2(/B) PSR1440, PSR1440/B, PST 14.4V tools.


  • Brand: generic/equivalent
  • Input: 120V US Plug
  • Bosch BAT140 BAT159 BAT040 BAT041 BAT038 charger
  • Condition: new, 1 year warranty!
  • Dimensions: (mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 December, 2018.

Ni-CD/Ni-MH 14.4V Charger BAT140 Bosch BAT038 BAT159 BAT040 BAT041 Battery Charger