Replacement Battery for Panasonic HHR-4DPA HHR-65AAABU HHR-55AAABU HHR-55AAAB HHR-4MPA Battery

Price: US $4.99


This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible
Replaces Panasonic battery part numbers: HHR-4DPA HHR-65AAABU HHR-55AAABU HHR-55AAAB HHR-4MPA AAA x 2

Fits the following Panasonic Cordless Phones:
KX-PRS120W, KX-TG7875S, KX-TG9542B, KX-TG9541B, KX-TGH263B, KX-TGH262B, KX-TGE273S, KX-TGE272S, KX-TGE275S , KX-TGE262S, KX-TGE263S, KX-PRD262B, KX-PRL262B, KX-TG7874S, KX-TG7873S, KX-TG7872S, KX-TG7745S, KX-TG7743S, KX-TG7742S, KX-TG7741S, KX-TG7733S, KX-TG7732S, KX-TG7731S, KX-TG7645M, KX-TG7644M, KX-TG7643M, KX-TG7642M, KX-TG4224N, KX-TGE274S, KX-TGE245B, KX-TGE244B, KX-TGE243B, KX-TGE242B, KX-TGE240B, KX-TGE234B, KX-TGE233B, KX-TGE232B, KX-TGE210B, KX-TGD225N, KX-TGD224N, KX-TGD223N, KX-TGD220N, KX-TGD222N, KX-TGD213N, KX-TGD212N, KX-TGD210N, KX-TGC222S, KX-TGC220S, KX-TGC212S, KX-TGC210S, KX-TG6873B, KX-TG6845B, KX-TG6844B, KX-TG6842B, KX-TG6843B, KX-TG6841B, KX-PRW130W, KX-PRW120W, KX-TGHA20B, KX-PRLA20B, HHR-4DPA, KX-TGE212B, KX-TG4221N, KX-TG4225N, KX-TG6671B, KX-TG6672B, KX-TG6591T, KX-TG6592T, KX-TG4771B, KX-TG4772B, KX-TG4773B, KX-PRWA10W, KX-TG1062M, KX-TG4223N, KX-TG4222N, KX-TG4133M, KX-TG6641B, KX-TG6633B, KX-TG4134N, KX-TS4300B, KX-PRSA10W, KX-TG7623B, KX-TG7622B, KX-TGA740B, KX-TG6645B, KX-TG6644B, KX-TG6643B, KX-TG4134M, KX-TG4133N, KX-TG4025N, KX-TGA820B, KX-TG6445T, KX-TG6442T, KX-TG1061M, KX-PRWA13W, KX-TG9471B, KX-TG9472B, KX-TGA939T, KX-TGA641T, KX-TGA101S

New replacement/equivalent HHR-4DPA HHR-65AAABU HHR-55AAABU HHR-55AAAB HHR-4MPA battery.


  • Brand: generic/equivalent
  • Condition: new, 1 year warranty!
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Battery Type: Ni-MH
  • Dimensions: (mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 January, 2015.

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