Li-ion Charger for ICOM BP-211N BP-211 Battery Rapid

Price: US $29.99


This is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible.
Just designed to recharges iCOM BP-211N BP-211 li-ion batteries.

Works for iCOM 2-way radios, transceivers:
IC-F3GT, IC-F3GS, IC-F4GT, IC-F4GS, IC-F11, IC-F11BR, IC-F11S, IC-F12, IC-F12S, IC-F21, IC-F21BR, IC-F21GM, IC-F21S, IC-F22, IC-F22S, IC-F22SR, IC-T3H, IC-V8, IC-V82, IC-U82 IC-A6, IC-A6E, IC-A24, IC-A24E, IC-F30GT, IC-F30GS, IC-F40GT, IC-F40GS, IC-F31GT, IC-F31GS, IC-F41GT, IC-F41GS


  • Brand: generic/equivalent
  • Input: 120V US Plug
  • Rapid BP-211N BP-211 Battery Charger
  • Condition: new, 1 year warranty!
  • Dimensions: 106.50 x 69.00 x 37.00 (mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 07 April, 2017.

Rapid ICOM BP-211N Battery Charger, BP-211N BP-211 Charger