Replacement for BL1815N BL1815 Battery Makita 194309-1 196235-0 18V Compact Lithium Ion

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BL1815N BL1815 battery Makita BL1820, this is a generic, equivalent one, 100% compatible
Replaces Makita battery part numbers: BL1815N BL1815, 194309-1, 196235-0, BL1820

Fits the following Makita tools:
BCF201, BCL180, BCL182, BCS550, BDA350, BDA351, BDF450, BDF451, BDF452, BDF453Z, BDF454F, BDF454Z, BDF456Z, BDF458, BFR550, BFR750, BFS450, BFS451RFE, BGA402Z, BGA452, BGD800, BGD800Z, BGD801, BHP450, BHP451, BHP451Z, BHP452, BHP453, BHP454, BHP454F, BHP454Z, BHP456RFE, BHP458, BHR202, BHR202F, BHR240, BHR241, BHS630Z, BJR181, BJR182, BJS101RFE, BJS130, BJS130Z, BJS161, BJV180, BJV180F, BML185, BML186, BO180D, BPB180, BPT351, BSS501, BSS610, BSS611X, BSS611Z, BST221F, BTD129, BTD140, BTD141, BTD142Z, BTD144, BTD145RFE, BTD146D, BTD147, BTDW251Z, BTL061, BTL063, BTM50, BTP140, BTP141Z, BTW251, BTW253, BTW450, BTW451, BUB182, BVR350, BVR450, BVR450Z, BVR850, CF201DZ, CL180FD, CL182FD, DCF300Z, DCL500Z, DF454D, DUB182, DUB182Z, DML802, GA402DRF, HP451RFE, HP454D, HP454DZ, HP458DRFX, HR202D, HR242DRFX, HS630DRFX, JR120D, JR182DRF, KP180DRF, LXCV02Z, LXDG01, LXDT01, LXDT04Z, LXFD01, LXJP02Z, LXLC01, LXLM03, LXLM04, LXPH01, LXPH03Z, LXPH05, LXPK01, LXSF01, LXSL01, LXTP01, LXWT01, ML800, ML801, ML184, ML185, MR050, MR100, MUH263DZ, MUH401DZ, MUH461DRF, MUM168DRF, MUR181DRF, MUS104DSH, MUS154DZ, PB108D, PB108DZ, PT351D, TD140D, TD144D, TD145DRFXB, TD146DRFX, TD147DZ, TD251DRFX, TP140DRFX, TW251D, TW450DRFX, UB182D, UB183D, VR350D, VR450D, XAD01Z, XAD02Z, XAG03Z, XAG06MZ, XBP01Z, XBP02Z, XDT01, XDT04Z, XDT08, XDT09Z, XFD01CW, XFD03Z, XFD07M, XGC01Z, XLC02ZW, XLT01Z, XLT02Z, XMT03Z, XNJ01Z, XOB01Z, XOC01Z, XPH01Z, XPH03Z, XPH07Z, XRF01Z, XRH011X, XRH01ZVX, XRH03Z, XRH04Z, XRH04ZZ, XRH05Z, XRJ01Z, XRJ03Z, XRM02W, XRM03B, XRM04B, XRV01, XRV01Z, XRV02, XRV02Z, XSC01Z, XSF01Z, XSF03M, XSH01Z, XSH03MZ, XSJ01Z, XSS01Z, XSS02Z, XSS03Z, XST01M, XST01Z, XTS01Z, XVJ02Z, XVJ03Z, XWT01Z, XWT02M, XWT02Z, XWT04Z, XWT05, XWT05Z, XWT06Z


  • Brand: generic/equivalent
  • Condition: new, 1 year warranty!
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium ion
  • Dimensions: 114.80 x 74.55 x 35.20 (mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 May, 2017.

Makita BL1815N BL1815 Battery Makita 194309-1 196235-0 Compact Lithium Ion